Writing dialogue

Writing believable, engaging and effective dialogue befitting of your characters and the narrative you’ve set out for them can be such a hard thing to get right. This section of the site is dedicated entirely to hints and tips on this essential part of the fiction-writing process.

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12th December 2022
2nd May 2023

The first video in our Improve Your Writing in 60 seconds series is all about dialogue and why writers should resist the urge to explain...

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21st April 2022
11th August 2022
Imogen Crimp dissects the art of writing dialogue, and how it plays an intrinsic role in the formulation of good writing. For more free articles on...
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21st June 2021
22nd June 2021

Over the years I’ve struggled with this question, finding it impossible to judge my own work. Adept at knowing when someone else’s manuscript hits...