Editing Services

Editing services with Writers & Artists give you access to editors and literary agents at precisely the right moment for your manuscript. We offer everything from a read and review of your opening chapters, to full manuscript reads and critique, as well as proofreading, mentoring and the option of one-to-one consultations with literary agents. 

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Any Stage

Agony Agent
Use our Agony Agent service to get answers to your questions about aspects of the writing/publishing process, the marketability of your novel, editing, or general advice on how to submit your work, direct from literary agent.
Bespoke Mentoring
Benefit from expert guidance as you develop your book by working with an experienced editor or established author. Whether you're in the throes of writing a first draft or looking to hone your manuscript before taking the plunge and submitting it to literary agents, our Bespoke Mentoring editing service is all about your book and you setting the agenda.

Stage 1

How Strong Is Your Book Idea?
'How Strong Is Your Book Idea?' is a unique editing service for writers immersed in the opening stages of the creative process and looking for informed, objective opinion on the concept of their book.
Opening Chapters
Receive detailed feedback on those all-important opening pages of your book. The Opening Chapters service includes a bespoke report on your narrative style, use of dialogue and structure, plus a 30-minute follow-up call.

Stage 2

Full Manuscript Review
The Full Manuscript Review editing service provides a straightforward report on your manuscript, offering a full read-through from an editor who will objectively assess your use of integral narrative devices, such as dialogue, structure, style, pace, plot and characterisation.

Stage 3

Final Polish
Our Final Polish editing service has been devised for writers wanting to ensure their manuscript is as good as it can possibly be before looking to approach literary agents or self-publish.
Beat the Rejection Consultation
Our 'Beat the Rejection' consultation offers the unique opportunity of a 30-minute consultation with a literary agent to discuss the opening of your manuscript and accompanying submission documents.