NEW: Truth or Scare [Book #1 in Lana Lazar's Hallow Street]

by Lana Lazar
4th February 2024

“Scare,” he whispered. “Scare, Chloe.”
I started to back away, my hands held up as though to protect myself.
“I really don't-”
His dark eyes flashed.
“Are you scared?”

It started with an innocent game, and ends in brutal murder. A Truth has been told that somebody feared enough to kill. Terrified and suspecting their friend Carlos of the crime, best friends Cathy and Jeanne are forced to rely on each other for protection, all the while knowing that the other is hiding a terrible secret.

Trust no one.

One down, two to go . . .
Who will be the next . . . to die?

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Truth or Scare: Sometimes the truth is deadlier than the lies . . . (Hallow Falls) : Lazar, Lana: Books

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