Marketing a Textbook

3rd October 2023
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4th October 2023
Textbook marketing plan

Textbooks are titles which are aimed at purchase by students to guide them directly through a complete course or module. Sales are driven by adoption by faculty to students as required reading. 

Here's what a marketing plan for a textbook might look like:

• Email campaign created and mailed to instructors in the relevant field to generate inspection/exam copy requests

• Print and electronic inspection copy requests processed and adoption data recorded for use with second editions and subsequent year renewal; followed up by email and phone for selected titles; copies may be sent on spec to selected lecturers

• May be selected for inspection/exam copy postcard or flyer mailing to lecturers to consider for course adoption. (An adopted book is one that has been chosen by an instructor for students to purchase or read for the course. Bloomsbury tries to coordinate these through a series of marketing campaigns, as well as marketing and sales representatives who work with instructors to match the relevant books to their courses.)

• Books and/or single-title flyers sent to appropriate conferences/events. You can find a current list of conferences that Bloomsbury will be attending here 

• Review copy mailing to limited number of appropriate media outlets

• Advance information sheet sent to sales representatives and agents

• Bloomsbury regularly feed out details of their books to all data providers and retail accounts

• Full catalogue page on the Bloomsbury website

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