Cesca Explains Account Managing

20th June 2023
3 min read

Cesca Hopwood, Key Account Manager in the Bloomsbury Children's sales team, talks about the importance of presentation and securing prime position for books. Read on to discover more and watch the full video for maximum inspiration and advice.

Cesca Hopwood

The book three second rule

'One of our main aims when we're presenting books to the buyers is to ensure prominent position for the book. For example, the supermarket buyers say they have three seconds to grab your attention when you're pushing your trolley. You're glancing and have three seconds max to decide whether you're going to buy something. So getting the cover right, getting the position right so it's at direct level for the majority of customers is integral.'

Presentation made easy

We usually have around 30 minutes to present our books to our customers, so it's essential that we have all of the information on a slide such as the title, publication date, price. Then also the plot, author - a lot of indie book stores will want to know the location of the author for events - and also reach and social media followers. All of this paints a picture to encourage the customer to take the book.'

Worth the work

'My favourite part of the job is when I go into a store and I see the book that I presented all those months ago on the shop floor in the flesh and you happen to see someone interact with it and pick it up.'

Writing stage