The Bloomsbury Institute

20th June 2023
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20th September 2023

Gain insight into working in the publishing industry with The Bloomsbury Institute events, information and resources.

Bloomsbury Institute

What is The Bloomsbury Institute?

The Bloomsbury Institute is a team of publishing professionals at Bloomsbury Publishing PLC - including the W&A Team -  who work together to run a programme of events all over the UK to provide insight into working in the publishing industry. We bring together publishing professionals from all corners of the industry to share their expertise and insight, and offer advice and support to those considering a career in books.

Our focus is on reaching people from backgrounds and parts of the country currently underrepresented in publishing, to help create a more diverse and inclusive sector.

While you can find out more over at The Bloomsbury Institute, we've rounded up some of the most useful resources below. 

Demystifying publishing roles

Further resources

Starting a life in publishing

Upcoming events

We Are Bloomsbury


Writing stage
Areas of interest